Maritime Colours

One of my favorite things about living in the Maritimes so far is the splash of colour that I get to see all over the place.  Here are some pictures that I took on a recent visit to Lunenberg and Mahone Bay. Coming from Ontario, I find the architecture here to be so different and interesting to look at!  I especially like this house – wouldn’t it be fun to live in a pink house?


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  1. How lovely. Yes, I mean it indeed. I am living across the Atlantic Ocean in Finland and we have houses by seaside too. Ours are not so beautiful as in Lunenburg and Mahone Bay, but what is interesting is to find some similarities. Can it be a coincidence that on both side of Atlantic Ocean there are beautiful villas?

    Rocks and villas of Hanko

    Have wonderful day!

  2. Yes, lovely photos of the houses, typical maritime houses, very interesting!

  3. I went to those places last year, and I too loved the colourful houses!!!
    Wish I could have gone with you last time – I miss you!

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