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Apple in the Tree

Happy Sunday all!

I am so pumped to introduce you to an awesome Canadian artist named Duane Forrest.  Duane grew up in Toronto but his music stretches far beyond this country.  And by that I do not mean that he lives in Hollywood.  Duane has learned Spanish and has lived in places such as Mexico, Puerto Rico and Honduras where he combines his love for music with his passion for social justice.  Let me tell you first about his music, and then I will tell you more about his mission.

Duane’s most recent album is called “Apple in the Tree”.  The idea behind it is that the woman is an apple high in a tree and if a man wants her he has to climb up to get her.  I love the concept.  Duane alludes to the idea that in our society love has been cheapened to one night stands and people using one another to meet their own physical, emotional and financial needs.  In this album he yearns for us to go back to the innocence of love, which in his mind starts with an apple high up in a tree and a man earnestly trying to get to it (ladies, don’t you love the chivalry?).  He uses a mix of bossa nova, jazz and soul to convey this message.

In speaking to Duane and by listening to his album, I could tell that this man has a great deal of respect for people in general, but also for love in its purest form. His respect for people and love shines through not only in his lyrics but also through what he has chosen to do with his life.  I’m amazed that he has had the energy and dedication to set up an arts school  in Copan, Honduras, where children from grades 3-7 are given the opportunity to take free music, dance, cooking, drama and visual arts classes.  The school is completely funded through donations, so please check it out and do not be shy to donate if you feel that it is a project that speaks to you and one that you’d like to support.

Here are a few clips of Duane – enjoy!