Monthly Archives: April 2016

Conversations with a 2.5 year old…

One of the best ways to sum up what life has been like lately is through our conversations with little M, who is now a fluent like 2.5 year old. Here are some of the conversations we’ve had lately:

About coffee shops:

M (while sitting in the back seat of the car on the way home): Mama, can we stop at the coffee store, so that I can get milk in a coffee cup?

Coffee cup.jpg

Questions about the new little addition we’re expecting soon….

M: Do babies wear shoes?

M: Do babies wear socks?

M: Can I choose when the baby comes?

To her baby sibling in the womb:

M (to my belly): Good morning baby. Can I use your bowl?

About the Disney cruise we recently took with our extended family…

Me: M, what did you like most about the cruise?

M: I liked spending time with you.


About spending the day together:

Me: I had a really nice day with you today, M.

M: I had a really nice day with you too.

About the wait at brunch the last time we went out…

M: When is the food coming?

Me: Maybe in a minute or so…

M a few minutes later: This is a really long minute.

About the dinner I made one day (this is one of my personal favs!):

M: Mama, that was a really nice dinner, thank you. 

About work:

M: Probably you and dada can buy me a ‘pomputer’. And then I’ll do work on it.

About bed time:

M: I want it to be your turn to put me to bed, because I love you.


About rhyming:

J: You’re groggy, M.

M: Dada, did you know that groggy rhymes with doggy?

About baby blueberries:

M: Look mama a BABY blueberry!

M: Mama, it wants to sleep in your arms.

Me (as I cradle the baby blue berry and gently put it down on the table): Shhh, baby is sleeping.

M (in a high pitched squeal): AWWWW, baby is sleeeeping! Can I eat it?

About phones:

M: Dada, can you buy me a phone?