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What I’ll miss about Halifax – Part I

A while back, I wrote this post about what I would miss most about Ottawa. We were on brink of beginning our Halifax Chapter, and I was already feeling nostalgic. Three years later, I am having similar thoughts about our Chapter in Halifax drawing to a close. Except that we have been here for three times as long as we were in Ottawa – so I have three times as much  to say (or maybe more due to economies of scale. Sorry, couldn’t pass up that econ joke!). In order not to get too long winded here, I’m going to split this up into a few posts. First up – my favorite dining locations:

FOOD: My top 10 in and around Halifax:

In Halifax:

1-The croissants/tea biscuits at Two if by sea (aka TIBS). There are two locations – one in Halifax and one in Dartmouth. I recommend the Dartmouth one. Better yet, I recommend taking the ferry across from Halifax and walking up to the cafe. It makes for a fun little activity. I also recommend chai lattes here.

2-Heartwood – a great vegetarian eatery/place to hang out. Everything I have had there was great – my favs: the pizza with vegan garlic cheese; the vegan cookies made sans refined sugars; the spelt sourdough, which I would buy regularly and freeze at home to be consumed at my leisure.

3-Envie – a great vegan spot – more trendy than Heartwood, but the food just as delicious. Located in the “up and coming” North end of Hali.

4-The Wooden Monkey – a great spot for locally sourced/organic eats. Lots of allergen friendly options.

5-Lion and Bright: A recent addition to the North end. A hipster style coffee shop during the day and a classy yet trendy bar at night. Love the concept. Really great breakfast/lunch/dinner foods and very reasonably priced.

6-Mercato – they used to have a location on Spring garden and another in Bedford, but now they only have the Bedford one. I think it’s worth the drive. Delicious Italian food. I recommend the warm cabbage salad that comes with bacon and parmesan. Yum.

7-Salvatores – easily one of the best pizza places I have tried in my life. Will be greatly missed. I recommend the Pomodoro pizza.

Around Halifax:

8-The Port pub – Located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, the food here is fresh and mostly local and also has a great ambiance and beautiful view of the valley. It is also located right on a river and the tide looks very different at different times of the day. For those who enjoy beer, there is a microbrewery on site and I am told they have many interesting types of beer. J and I would sometimes drive out to the valley (about an hour outside of Halifax, just to go to this place).

9-The Kiwi Cafe – Located in Chester. So much more than a cafe! They serve delicious brunches and lunches. Great salads, homemade soups, breads and pastries. I love the friendly atmosphere as well as the magazine collections and trivia cards at each table! I also enjoy the chai latte here!

10-The Dancing Goat Cafe: Located in Margaree – on the the Cabot Trail (Cape Breton). AWESOME pastries but also a great selection of brunch and lunch foods and a sweet atmosphere.